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Keep some perspective


I do not know who wrote it. But maybe it was someone born in 1900. It’s a mess out there now. Hard to discern between what’s a real threat and what is just simple panic and hysteria. For a small amount of perspective at this moment, imagine you were born in 1900. On your 14th birthday, World War I starts and ends on your 18th birthday. 22-30 million people perish in that war. Later in the year, a...

coming in the opposite spirit


Violence begets violence. Strange how an attitude of peace and love, can break the power of violence and hate. This is how the church of Jesus Christ defeated the Roman empire and many other empires, national conflicts, enmity between tribes and violence and hatred in homes and between families. Here is an example. Brother Alagaw in Ethiopia started an aggressive gospel ministry in his region...

An untamed god


We cannot comprehend and understand God, except what He decided to reveal to us. Don’t speculate about what lies beyond that revelation. You may ask for more revelation, but be aware that with the wonder of more revelation you will be consumed more and more. As intimate and lovely and fulfilling such presence and revelations are, it is always accompanied by deeper fear for God.  God is an...

Was it worth it?


Helen Roseveare was an English Christian missionary, doctor and author. She worked with Worldwide Evangelization Crusade in the Congo from 1953 to 1973, including part of the period of political instability in the early 1960s. She practised medicine and also trained others in medical work. At one stage the mission station where she worked was overrun by rebel forces. She was attacked, beaten and...

slavery has been eradicated. Thank God.


One of the significant changes in society happened in 1833 in Britain and in 1865 in the USA. Slavery has been eradicated! Or not? Unfortunately, slavery happens around us, but we are not noticing it. It happens in European cities. It happens in all cities, all nations. O yes, it is “illegal” – but it happens. Governments close one eye when it comes to slavery. Jeff Fountain writes:...