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Stephen King – the Delete key on a keyboard


Stephen King published more than eighty books. He says he writes two thousand words a day. Between the beginning of 1980 to 1999, he published thirty-nine books, totaling more than 5 million words. But writing 2000 words a day for twenty years yields fourteen million words. King must erase almost two words for every one he keeps. He says: “The Delete key is on your machine for a good reason...

On being offended – Marcus Aurelius


In his notes-to-self written over 2,000 years ago and published as the book “Meditations”, greatest of all Roman emperors philosopher/general Marcus Aurelius offers some wonderful advice to those who have been offended. Aurelius says we have two options. One is to judge and condemn the offender, which automatically gives them space in your head and drives you to seek revenge. The other is to...

John Harper’s last convert


John Harper’s Last Convert By Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer | Pastor John Harper was one of the passagers on the Titanic that sank in April 1912. When the Titanic started to sink, he made sure his sister and six year old daugter got into a life boat and then he went back. Survivors later reported that as Titanic began to sink, Harper admonished people to be prepared to die. And when he found...

‪Leo Tolstoy: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.‬

10 to the 55th decimal point


A designed universe: Several famous physicists, including Stephen Hawking worked out that the relationship between all the fundamentals of our universe are so finely tuned that even if we slightly changed the 55th decimal point then our universe could not exist. Put another way, several leading scientists have calculated that the statistical probability against this fine tuning being by chance is...