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Forced to move 13 times


I met him in a jungle camp seminar in central Sri Lanka. His English name was Samuel and he was a seasoned church planter. From Samuel I learned that church planting in a Buddhist country is no easier than anywhere else religious intolerance raises its head. I always thought Buddhism was a pacifist religion and philosophically it is. But try and plant a church in a dominant Buddhist community and...

Praying despair


Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. Hebrews 13:3   Russian Christian prisoner, Aleksandr Ogorodnikov, shares, “One night I was thrown into a cell with a broken window. The KGB was determined to do an experiment and freeze me. Later they would say, ‘He broke the window in his...

The two brothers – a parable


Brother Andrew loves to tell this parable from the Middle East: A certain man had two sons. One was rich and the other was poor. The rich son had no children while the poor son was blessed with many sons and many daughters. In time, the father fell ill. He was sure he would not live through the week, so on Saturday he called his sons to his side and gave each of them half of his land for their...

Bud, the stuttering preacher


A Methodist circuit rider rode up to the Texas ranch where Reuben “Bud” Robinson worked. Bud’s master was a Universalist–one who taught that all men would be saved no matter how badly they behaved in this world. Bud adopted Universalism and bad behavior. The Methodist said he was staying for the night, ordered Bud to take care of his horse, and took command of the dinner...