An untamed god


We cannot comprehend and understand God, except what He decided to reveal to us. Don’t speculate about what lies beyond that revelation. You may ask for more revelation, but be aware that with the wonder of more revelation you will be consumed more and more. As intimate and lovely and fulfilling such presence and revelations are, it is always accompanied by deeper fear for God. 

God is an untamed God – he is good, loving, gracious, but he is also dangerous. He is called the Terror of Isaac. Deeper revelation is preceded by deeper brokenness. Deeper and more revelation has its prize. 

Let us not try to tame God. He is untamed. Like a hurricane or like an earthquake that cannot be predicted or contained or manipulated.

When we reach the point where we have such a grasp of God that we can explain him, tamed him – then we are not busy with God Almighty, the Most High God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then we are busying ourselves with a caricature of God.

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Bennie Mostert
By Bennie Mostert