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200 Coke Bottles


In 1965, during a family reunion in Florida, a grandmother woke everyone at 2:00, issuing orders to get empty coke bottles, corks and paper. “I received a message from God. People must hear the Word,” she said. She wrote verses on paper and also wrote her address in case people would want to make contact with her. The grandchildren corked the bottles. Then everyone helps to deposit 200 bottles...

Festo Kivengere and Idi Amin


I am often amazed by the “thing” we call “church”. In some cases, the church is an embarrassment because of the atrocities that are attributed to the “church” for centuries. The real church of Jesus Christ, however, has a hidden built-in compass, a default: the Bible. As soon as a church starts to read the Bible, believe its message, and start to practice it, begins to reach out with love...

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times


Some events are just too big to believe. In spite of the fact that many of us (just don’t admit it to anyone), when we hear about an earthquake, we are somewhat disappointed that only 30 of 40 or 200 people died. In the 2006 earthquake in Indonesia, 220 000 people died. Up till today, 7 February 2020, “only” 500 people are reported to have died because of the Coronavirus and “only”...

What happened to the Colosseum in Rome?


Ever thought about it? What caused the Colosseum to close down? I didn’t, till I read this story of a monk from Asia. There is one thing that is very “sacred” to all people: their pleasures. They will enjoy it and defend it – irrespective of the type of pleasure or the consequences of their pleasures. For some, it is women, for other theatre, movies, race cars, rugby, cricket, soccer, smoking and...