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When the game is not a game anymore


El” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>El Salvador national team at 1970 Mexico World Cup. / El, CC0. How big or important must something be before disappointment will end up in killing you – literally. Apparently not that much. Ameilia BolaƱos was not a great athlete. She was not an actress or a politician. But many remember her for the greatest mistake of her...

giving to others can never be overemphasized


It is quite nice to receive something. Like presents for Christmas. But very few people remember what they received ten years ago for Christmas. But something very strange happens when you bless or give something to someone for Christmas. People will begin with: You know there was one Christmas I will never forget… and then they will tell you about something they gave to someone to make...

Should we not beat our wives?


Some questions seemingly have easy answers. But the issues is simply that the answer that is very simple in one culture, is not so easy to answer in another culture. For instance: Is it wrong to beat our wives? Is it not a duty that we have? A group of men in Western South Asia asked this question to two female missionaries: ‘Should we not be beating our wives?’ Unlike some corners of...