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Three major factors that determine our present-day society


The evolution theory: because of this theory, which many wrongly believe has been proven by science as a fact, people find it easy to move to a position of atheism. They believe that, since the universe developed through a process of evolution, there is no need for God and therefore He doesn’t exist.  Sexuality and gender: The moment society began to accept that we cannot just have two...

Tent Caterpillars: “Can you do this?”


As humans, we think quite highly of our intelligence and how “far above” we are in comparison to plants and other living creatures. But more often than not, other living creatures come along and simply say: “Can you do this?” Take the tent caterpillars as an example. They are constantly hungry and can strip a tree in a day or two. To sustain their voracious appetites, they have developed a...

Fishing for the whole village


As Westerners, we have a specific way of thinking: we first take care of ourselves and what is “left” – and usually very little is left after we have our fill – we will share with others. This is the right way – isn’t it? But maybe not. When a Fijian fisherman goes out to fish, the mothers from the village wish him well. He usually returns from his trip to find the mothers waiting on the shore...



When I was in Secondary School, there was one subject in which I was excellent, but only one. (For English, as an example, I could manage a D. But very often when people hear me speak English, they are surprised at how I got a D. Did I bribe the teachers?) I was an A grade student in that subject. Then came the last exam in matric. I got a C. What happened? I mixed-up the answers...

Four things to remember about God our Father


He is a good, good Father. Very good, full of grace and mercy. Steadfast love and faithfulness are the pillars of his throne. He is full of grace and truth. He is known for his love. He is a safe place, a strong tower. He is a Father. He wants a close and intimate relationship with us. We are adopted sons and daughters. We are family of God. But that doesn’t mean He can be manipulated...



[Icon of the forty martyrs] “Consider—you alone of Caesar’s troops defy him! Think of the disgrace you bring upon your legion. How can you do it?” Governor Agricola was speaking to forty soldiers in the 12th Legion of the Roman army who refused to offer sacrifice to the emperor while they were stationed near Sebaste in modern-day Turkey. “To disgrace the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is more...