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Violence begets violence. Strange how an attitude of peace and love, can break the power of violence and hate. This is how the church of Jesus Christ defeated the Roman empire and many other empires, national conflicts, enmity between tribes and violence and hatred in homes and between families. Here is an example.

Brother Alagaw in Ethiopia started an aggressive gospel ministry in his region. People accepted the Lord through his preaching. The people of the traditional church colluded with the Muslim fundamentalists to fight Alagaw and his followers. They said, “These people will destroy our country, nation and religions if we do not stop them immediately.”

Alagaw and his followers organized their first evangelistic meeting at the local stadium. They hired sound systems for this big occasion. Early in the morning, they started with their outreach. At about 10:00 a.m. a big crowd approached the stadium. Without saying a word, they destroyed the sound system and a lot of other property. Some believers went to the local police station, but the police refused to help. During the attack, a pregnant woman lost her baby.

After this incident, other forms of harassment followed. During church services, stones were thrown on the roof of the church building. Faceless people burned down their church building.

However, the Lord has blessed their ministry and their peaceful responses with one hundred and twenty new believers.

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