When the game is not a game anymore


El Salvador national team at 1970 Mexico World Cup. /  <a target=El Salvador.com, CC0.

How big or important must something be before disappointment will end up in killing you – literally. Apparently not that much.

Ameilia Bolaños was not a great athlete. She was not an actress or a politician. But many remember her for the greatest mistake of her life.

Amelia committed suicide on the day the El Salvador national team lost the first match of the 1970 Mexico World Cup.

The saddest thing is that she was not the only one; over the years, many have carried out this meaningless ritual of suicide because their team has lost.

As Shakespeare says, “What fools we mortals be!” Committing suicide over a game! No animal would do such a thing! We take trivial things so seriously.

Life is too precious a gift to give up for silly reasons.

(Source: Evangelical Focus 20 November 2020)

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