Are you in the rIght Forest


When I was in Secondary School there was one subject in which I was very good (but only one) – I was an A+ grade student in that subject. But to be clear about it – this was the only subject where one could detect my cleverness. Then came the last exam in martric. I got a C. What happened? I mixed the content of four different 80-points questions. With disasterous consequences.

There was this guy that was a very good woodcutter. During the yearly competition, everybody expected him to win. And he did – by quite a margin. But in the end, he did not get the price. Actually no price at all. He was disqualified. Why? He was cutting in the wrong forest.

First make sure you are in the right forest.

Many people are “cutting trees”, but when they get to deaths door – they realise they were cutting in the wrong forest.

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Bennie Mostert
By Bennie Mostert