The Chinese Bamboo Tree


Nature never stops to amaze me. I still have to find, for instance, birds that function exactly the same. Even within the many species, each different bird, like sparrows and within that the different types of sparrows. There is, for example, something unique in every species of trees – also the many varieties within species.

But the following story has more than one “life-lesson”. Too often we work, and word and work – and then give up. And it is the end of the story. The Chinese bamboo tree, help us to rethink life and our “work and work and more work”, seeing apparently no results

Have a look at the Chinese bamboo tree

Taken from SJ Wiggett, Thursday Thought Article, Brands&People: “After sowing the seeds of a Chinese bamboo tree and watering for a year you will see; nothing.  Keep the soil fertile, keep on caring for the seeds and give water for another year and you will see; nothing.  Keep going with care, fertilisation, and irrigation for another year and you will see; nothing.  Continue giving water, ensure that the ground is still fertile and the seeds cared for until the end of the 4th year and you will see; nothing.  In the 5th year after planting the seeds of a Chinese Bamboo Tree, seeing “nothing” will decrease drastically.  The Chinese Bamboo Tree will now grow 60 feet in 6 weeks.  That’s 15 feet per week, more than 2 feet per day.  Which is 64cm per day at a growing rate of 3cm per hour.”

“If at any point in the 5-year process the intentional care of the seeds was stopped, the Chinese Bamboo Tree would never have grown.  Don’t only judge progress by what you can see above ground.”

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