Three major factors that determine our present-day society

  1. The evolution theory: because of this theory, which many wrongly believe has been proven by science as a fact, people find it easy to move to a position of atheism. They believe that, since the universe developed through a process of evolution, there is no need for God and therefore He doesn’t exist. 
  2. Sexuality and gender: The moment society began to accept that we cannot just have two categories of human sex and gender – male or female – it opened a door that cannot be shut. It started with gay and lesbian, then LGBT, then LGBTQ, then LGBTQIA+. Which means gender is now open-ended, and I can choose my gender. Initially, some people believed that they were genetically predetermined to be a man, a woman or gay, etc. Society now moved to a place where I have a choice what I want to be – which means that genetics doesn’t play a role anymore. Right now, there are already 124 options of gender from which you can choose. This affects worldviews, and courts are starting to re-write many laws to make provision for this shift in society. 
  3. Truth: There is no absolute truth anymore. Truth became relative and a subjective (personal) preference. Which in the end means that when there is no objective and absolute truth, then anything can be true and then the word “truth” becomes meaningless. I can, therefore, say I believe it is true that there is a god and another person can say that he believes it is true that there isn’t a god. Society considers both to be true, which means that even opposite opinions or truths can seamlessly exist next to each other without tension. For our present society, this is what “tolerance” implies.

Combine these three factors, and we have a society where people feel increasingly lonely, have no sense of belonging and where life has no purpose. We will start to experience total meaninglessness and no sense of destiny. This will inevitably lead to an increase of hopelessness, violence, an increase of intolerance, an increase of insecurity, suicide and substance abuse – a disintegrated, rebellious and confused society.

But the moment we introduce God back into society, His absolute truth and fixed moral codes, there will immediately be a restoration of order, meaning, destiny, purpose and hope. A sense of belonging, peace, order, direction, and the feeling of security and dignity will return to people’s lives. 

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Bennie Mostert
By Bennie Mostert