Can someone like me be saved?


Story: Years ago, a very evil, vile, ruthless man owned many taverns. In those taverns, he took at much money from people as possible. Women would come to him, begging him to send their husbands home because they were drinking away their salaries, and there was then nothing left to feed the children. He simply laughed, scolded and kicked them out of his drinking houses. He didn’t hesitate to kill people that opposed him. His wife and child lived in fear. He would beat them without reason. But then God came, and he was convicted of his sin. He went to the pastor and asked him: “I have ruined many families. Is there mercy for me?” The pastor answered: “The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.” Again the man asked: “I have destroyed the life of my beautiful wife and child? Is there mercy for me?” The pastor answered in the same way: “The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin.” The man asked a third time, putting his gun on the table: “I have killed many people with this gun. Can God forgive me?” With tears in his eyes, the pastor said: “Sir, you are an evil sinner, but the blood of Jesus can clean you from all sin.” The tavern owner burst into tears, asked forgiveness for his sin and took Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. He went home, and with tears, he asked his wife and child to forgive him. His whole life changed, and he became a follower of Jesus.

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Bennie Mostert
By Bennie Mostert