The 12-year-old walked on the stage and asked…


What has the world come to when a 12-year-old boy walked on the stage and said to the panel: “I want to ask you a question. It is a serious question. Please listen carefully, because it is important to me. I have already tried to commit suicide a few times. Tell me: What is the meaning of life?

Life without understanding the meaning of life is not worth living.

And meaning comes only through meaningful answers to the following questions:

  1. Does anyone love me?
  2. Does anyone need me?
  3. Where do I come from – am I only the result of a random and undetermined proses of development or have I been created purposefully?
  4. And if I have been created with a purpose, what is that purpose.
  5. Where am I going? What is my destiny? As well as: where am I going after I have died?

Ultimately the question is: What is the truth? What is the “true” truth about who I am?

And today’s society is not willing to answer the “truth-questions”. Because truth includes absolutes, and we do not like absolutes because “they restrict my freedom to do what I want.”

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