3 things to remember about the evolution theory


  1. Remember, it is a theory and not proven facts. The facts are that as science develops, the evolution theory proves to be a more inadequate way to explain the creation of the universe and of life. The complexity of life and a universe that is held together, are more mysterious than ever. Science cannot prove the existence or non-existence of God. Science has no mechanisms to do it. Science cannot give answers in the area of the metaphysical. Science can “weigh, measure and count”.  And of course, creation is a bit more complicated than 2+2.
  2. To believe in the evolution theory (not evolution as such) is a faith statement and not a scientific statement that is built on facts. Belief in the existence of God is for many people so impossible that they would rather believe “anything else.” When Christians say that God created the universe, it is also a faith statement. Hebrews 11:3 says: “By faith, we believe that God created.” Both the evolution theory and the creation theory are faith statements. Neither of the two can be proved scientifically. 
  3. The evolution theory cannot answer any moral, philosophical or metaphysical questions. Humans need answers to origin, destiny, meaning and morality. If the existence of man is just a random series of undetermined events, none of these philosophical or metaphysical questions would be relevant or needed. Evolution cannot explain design. It cannot explain the existence or origin of gravity – and without gravity, nothing can exist or happen. Many evolutionists say that our problem is, that we do not allow enough time for the development of evolutionary processes. Time is the one thing that is not on the side of macro-evolution (the same is however not necessary for micro-evolution). For certain forms of evolution, the process must be fast, and several of these evolutionary processes must happen simultaneously. No “theoretically possible” theory is on the side of the evolution-theory. The truth is that every possible postulation on how the universe came into existence has proved impossible. 

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