If you want to be an irrelevant Christian, do the following:

  • Compromise the authority of Scripture.
  • Compromise on the fact that Jesus alone is the Truth. Truth is always exclusive – otherwise, it cannot be truth.
  • Preach a popular, relevant and spectacular gospel.
  • Deny the miracles of Jesus, that he was born from a virgin, that the physically rose from the dead.
  • Tamper with the sexuality and marriage – amongst others that marriage is a life-long covenant between one man and one wife.
  • Do not talk about sin and give it other names.
  • Do not proclaim a gospel where it is necessary for people to be born again in order to be reconciled with God.
  • Preach a gospel about heaven, but never tell people about the reality of hell.
  • Preach a “prosperity” gospel, but do not tell people that those who won’t follow Jesus will surely suffer in this world and to follow Christ also involves dying to self and persecution.
  • Preach a “bloodless” gospel so as not to upset people.
  • Succumb to the pressure of the world to give science high ground to the extent that science starts to dictate and decide what is truth and whatnot.

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Bennie Mostert
By Bennie Mostert