Yazidi women restored to their families


In the honour-shame culture of the Middle East, if a woman is raped, it brings shame upon the family, and they have a duty to kill her. In 2014, ISIS invaded villages in northern Iraq and took thousands of Yazidi and Christian women as sex slaves. But as ISIS fell apart more recently, those women were able to escape. They could not go home because they would be killed. One Yazidi man had five children, two boys and three daughters. All three girls were taken as slaves by ISIS. The oldest was 22. One of his two sons was killed by ISIS, and the other is missing.

One night the Yazidi man went to sleep and saw Jesus in his dream. He recognized Jesus because He showed the man His nail-pierced hands. Jesus told the man: You don’t need to kill your daughters or anyone. I paid for everyone, so go get your daughters.

“The man woke up and thought this couldn’t be real. He went back to sleep and had the exact same dream.”

Then he woke up again, went back to sleep, and had the same dream a third time. “It was one dream for every girl he had.”

In the morning, he gathered the (Yazidi) elders and told them what happened.

“Jesus showed up in my tent,” he declared to their astonishment. “I’m going to get my girls, and nobody is going to touch them.”

Because of Jesus, he was able to successfully extract his girls from the camp, bring them home safely, and persuade the other Yazidi men to take back their daughters without harming them. Six weeks later the camp closed and all the (280) girls went back to their families. This is what the gospel does. Now there are many Yazidi young women who regularly receive counselling for trauma healing and discipleship training.

(Source: godreports.com).

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