All hell will break loose


Revival: All hell will break loose
The following is a quote from The Fire of Revival, by M.I. Luen, a man God used powerfully in the 1976 Nagaland Revival (Himalayas, India) Luen describes above, is very much the experience of most revivalists.
“Trials and tribulations began coming to us. And yes, it was like a storm. Reports of lies came against our works, suspicions arose, and we were falsely accused of things, with some of the people bringing false witnesses against us. Some sowed seeds of doubt among the people. Some people accused us of bringing a new denomination. There were times when people, and even friends, became foes; they mocked and condemned the works of God. When the Lord works among the people, His name is glorified greatly, the devil hates it, tries to discourage and weaken the minds of the people in many ways… The devil started his work, and slowly dissensions came, and there were confusions among the people. There were oppositions, and the believers faced persecutions. Likewise, when the revival fire broke out and consumed the churches, the devil sowed the seed of confusion, and many people began to oppose the revival. But the more they opposed the work of God, the higher the flames went up, and it spread over the place. Along with the increase of invitations and fruit, came opposition, disturbances and false accusations that were the work of the devil. Without a doubt, he was alarmed by the increase of God’s mighty works and its progress. I often went through physical and mental stress, which threatened to affect my ministry.”

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