Lives changed through satellite – Iran & Afghanistan


Christian satellite programming in Iran and Afghanistan has resulted in numerous professions of faith in Christ. Many receiving the broadcasts know little about Jesus, but often follow up with questions by phone.

According to the director of SAT-7 PARS, Panayiotis, one call came from a young man in Afghanistan. The young man had many questions about Jesus. “He said he was stunned by the love and truth he was witnessing on SAT-7 PARS. He was so impressed by Jesus that he wanted to know where he lived so he might meet him.

A few days later, the young Afghani called again, this time with a friend. The friend had also been moved by the broadcast. “A week later, the first man called again. This time there were 25 young men crammed into a tiny apartment, asking questions, listening to the counsellor’s answers.

“All 25 prayed to receive Christ in unison!” Panayiotis exulted. “Incredible, a miracle…a true God thing.” After the word of what happened spread quietly among their friends, a call came in a week later with 50 listening. (Source:

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