God’s hidden ones


God’s hidden ones

I recently had the privilege to speak to a couple, now somewhere in their 40’s. They do not view themselves as important or having a significant impact. So he started to share their story.  About twenty years ago, they attended a prayer seminar at their local church. They learned about how to pray for their city and also the nations. They then decided to put into practice what they learned.  For the next twenty years, every week, the two of them will every week take their car, driving to wherever the Holy Spirit would lead them and pray.  Sometimes they would visit two or three hospitals.  Other times they would go to pray at a school, in front of a local church, in the parking area of a shopping centre, or a police station.  They would park in close distance from such a place. Then they would pray as the Holy Spirit leads them.  But this was not all they did.

The Lord started impressing on his heart to also begin to pray for especially the Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East. This has since become his habit.  Every night he would spend time in prayer in his study before retiring.

I watched him as he shared his story, tears in his eyes and a deep brokenness in his heart about these matters.  A man that help change the world through many hours and years of constant, persistent prayer.

There are many more similar hidden ones.  In our congregations. In our cities, towns and in our nation. They are everywhere. They faithfully carry the prayer burdens of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes we may marvel at why nations have not yet simply fall apart.  But on days like this, when I meet another ‘hidden one’, that I am reminded of God’s faithfulness.  The Lord raises the hidden ones who carry in prayer the burdens that the Holy Spirit gives them everywhere.  Some of them are in their homes, living a seemingly normal life.  Others are mothers praying for their children. Others secretly sob in their pillows at night for breakthroughs in the lives of their families, their husbands and our nation.

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