I’ve lost 11 members of my family


After the most recent terrorist attack on the bus of Christians going to a monastery, the government provided hospital care for the survivors who had been shot. One of the many visitors to these victims, wishing to convey support, solidarity and condolences, was a government minister. During the visit, one of the women told the minister, “Don’t worry about me, I am worried about you! I am worried about where you will go after you die!”

The minister was taken aback, and those around him apologized, suggesting that this woman was overly distraught. But she would not allow her message to be discounted. “No! I am in my right mind. I’ve lost 11 members of my family and I have nothing else to lose! But I am at peace knowing they are in Heaven. But what about you? Have you read the Bible?” And she urged him to read the Bible and consider his destiny!

This story was recounted to us by a Christian worker from a local church that is ministering to these victims. We sent her on her way loaded with appropriate Scriptures to give to these injured women for them to share with those who visit them in hospital.

Bible Society of Egypt

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